PALTask: Personalized Automatic web-resources Listing Task


With PALTask, we propose a tool to improve a user’s experience by automating the task of retrieving interesting resources in a multiuser setting. We apply this approach to a chat scenario where users are exposed to resources that are of common interests by exploiting the users’ personal context information.


  • Andi Bergen
  • Pratik Jain
  • Lorena Castañeda
  • Nina Taherimakhsousi
  • Hausi A. Müller
  • Sudhakar Ganti

Project plan

The implementation of PALTask is achieved through the following milestones:
  1. PALTask chat tool (May 2013) : Our first approach was to build a traditional chatting tool using contextual information from the conversation as well as the user's to retrieve personalized web-resources. Read more.
  2. PALTask as a SAVI Application (July 2013): This is our SAVI implementation which includes a dynamic allocation of resources, closer to the user to enhance user's experience while using PALTask. Read more.
  3. PALTask video chat tool (November 2013) : This video extension includes new sources of context such as, face and logo recognition, and speech-to-text transformation. Read more soon.
  • P. Jain, A. Bergen, L. Castañeda, H.A. Müller: PALTask Chat: A Personalized Automated Context Aware Web Resources Listing Tool, Proceedings of 1st Workshop on Personalized Web-Tasking at Ninth IEEE World Congress on Services (SERVICES 2013), pp.154-157, Santa Clara, California, USA, July 2013.
  • A. Bergen, N. Taherimakhsousi, P. Jain, L. Castañeda, H.A Müller: Dynamic context extraction in personal communication applications, Proceedings Conference of the Center for Advanced Studies on Collaborative Research (CASCON 2013), pp. 261-273, Nov. 2013.

Video demo