SUSGroceries Mobile Application

Smart Personalized Web-Tasking application for Grocery Shopping

Fun fact:The word SUS in our app name stands for Smart User-Centric System. But "sus" means "your" in Spanish, so technically when you say "SUSGroceries" you are actually saying "Your groceries". Pretty appropriate for a Personalized Web-Tasking application eh?
UI Design by Andrea CastaƱeda

Download the stable version for this demo.
Software specifications: Java 1.7, Android 4.1, Jena core 2.7.3


Personalized web-tasking exploit user's context to deliver personalized functionality to assist users in the fulfillment of personal goals. Our demo presents our personalized web-tasking system for grocery shopping through a mobile application that improves web-tasking by exploiting relevant information based on contextual facts.

Architectural Design

SUSGroceries application design is based on our PWT System design. In a nutshell, our PWT System is a context-aware self-adaptive system, that contains runtime models to define the main concepts of PWT, as well as other elements such as the context, the user, and the web tasks.
More details about our PWT System are in our publication for SEAMS 2014.