PhD Dissertation: Runtime Modelling for User-Centric Smart Applications in Cyber-Physical-Human Systems

NOTE: This site contains the supporting files for the PhD Dissertation "Runtime Modelling for User-Centric Smart Applications in Cyber-Physical-Human Systems" by Lorena CastaƱeda (December 2017)


Users have shown to be active elements with their daily applications, the boundaries that separate users with their devices are rapidly fading as the components become smarter and more knowledgeable about the users. It is pertinent that software engineers look at the role of users as first class elements on the systems that are being designed, going further when it comes to personalization, tailoring applications to fit users' dynamic lives. We envision that users will be sharing their technological presence through virtual personalities, and situations will be the ones to determine the boundaries of the context of each of them. We envision, CPS to be improved with situation-aware self-adaptive applications to provide users truly personalised functionalities and features.

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Supporting Files

Visit my Github repository to download the supporting files:
  • Runtime Modelling Specification for User-Centric Smart Applications
  • Runtime Operational Framework
  • PrIMoR