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Harsh Dawar, MSc Student


             Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can                                                                                                                                        understand.” - Martin Fowler

Contact Info

Rigi Lab - ECS 412

University Of Victoria
Victoria, BC

  About Me   

    I am a Software Engineer currently pursuing my Masters in Computer Science from University Of Victoria. Prior to 
    joining UVic, I worked as a software developer for 2 years designing and developing network management systems 
    for clients such as Ericsson (Ireland) and Ciena (Ottawa). 

    My current concentration at UVic is focussed towards taking application based courses that are of high relevance and            are directly applicable to the IT industry. Some of the courses I have taken at UVic include
  • Distributed Computing
  • Cryptography
  • Cloud Computing
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Multimedia Systems
  • Peer to Peer Networks
  • Human Computer Interaction
    My short term goal is to Join a Software Company as a "Full Stack Software Developer". I believe my experience in                   a wide range of domains such as Front-end, Back-end, Relational Databases, NO-SQL Technologies, Algorithm 
    and Data Structures and excellent knowledge of Design Patters makes me a suitable candidate for the role and also               satisfies my desire to design and develop software from end to end. 

    My long term goal is to gather valuable knowledge through my work experience and implement some of my Ideas in an
    own startup company.

  Academic Projects

    The current research project I am working on an intelligent chatting        tool designed and built using the Lively Webwhich is an emerging        JavaScript technology. PALTask 2.0 performs various data extraction 
    and analysis to gather important keywords, sentiments, entities to        automatically pull relevant resources from the web.

    The AI component of the tool is trained to understanding intents such     as watching movies, listening to songs, pulling videos from YouTube,     pulling food recipes and locating restaurants. Some of the future            goals of the project include the addition of video/audio chat, enabling     voice recognition and integrating the personal context sphere.

    Technologies used: Lively, JavaScript, JQuery, Python, AWS, Node.JS


     CapCast is a Video conferencing application developed using the             JavaScript WebRTC API. It is designed as a mesh based architecture to      support peer to peer communication between users. As a part of             hosting CapCast, we implemented open source Node.JS signalling         servers and deployed them on the cloud using AWS. The hosted             signalling servers were deployed on different Availability Zones and         load balanced to make them fault tolerant and scalable. The tools         unique feature enabled the capture of voice for speech to text                 translation for live subtitles as the user communicated.

    Technologies Used: JavaScript, WebRTC API, HTML, CSS, AWS

   The flight instrument failure visualization project was a part of the       data analysis and visualization course taken at UVic. The intent of the    application was to demonstrate the skills to extract live data from a       source and present it to the user in an easily understandable format.
   The java based tool extracts data from a flight simulating software via    WebSockets and monitors engine parameters such as Oil pressure,       Engine temperature, Vibration ratio etc. When an engine malfunction       is detected a new thread is created to visually show to the Pilot the       malfunctioning engine.

   Technologies Used:  Java, Threading, Swings, WebSockets

   Technical Skills

        Algorithm & Data Structures
        Design Patters
        Back-end Technologies/languages  : Java, JavaScript, Node.JS, PHP(Basic), Python(Basic)
        Front-end Technologies/languages : HTML, CSS, jQuery, Angular.js(Basic)
        Testing Technologies : JUnit(Server side), NightWatch(Client side automation testing)
        Databases : MySQL
        NoSQL Technologies: MongoDB    
        Java Frameworks : Hibernate, Spring
        Web Services : Restful, SOAP
        Version Control : IBM ClearCase, Perforce, SVN, GIT
        Programming Concepts : OOPS, functional programming, asynchronous programming
        External Webservices: Alchemy, WIT.AI, Google Maps, Youtube, Google Custom Search, Twitter API
        Cloud Technologies: Amazon Web Services
        IDEs : Eclipse, NetBeans
        Other tools : Putty, EXCEED, Jira, HP QC, Code Collaborator, SOAP UI, APACHE JMeter
        OS: MacOS, Windows, Linux


  • Community Choice award to the team for designing and developing CapCast.
  • Award for achieving highest marks at Wipro Technologies for Internal Java Certification (UCF).