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Stephan Heinemann, PhD Candidate

Contact Info

Engineering/Computer Science Dept. Building. 
Rigi Lab - ECS 412
Victoria, BC. Canada
E-mail: stephan[at]rigiresearch[.]com
Phone: +1 250 891-5446

Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.
Leonardo da Vinci

Smart Autoflight Control System UI

It has always fascinated me how models describing only a portion of
the empirically perceivable world can produce real results in the real
world. A strong interest in software engineering especially for
distributed, parallel and high-integrity real-time systems was the
logical result of this fascination. Until today the interface between
theoretical model and the real world amazes me.

As one of the most demanding application areas and probably my
greatest passion since I was young, aviation became my main
interest. Airborne software systems are understandably amongst the
most rigorously software components developed with respect to the
applied formalisms, proven correctness and certification processes.
Hence, it was not by chance that formal models and the development
of high-integrity systems became the topic of my diploma thesis.

Smart Autoflight Control System UI - Datalink

During my professional years at Airbus Defence and Space, I had
the chance to bring together both areas - aviation and computer
science - developing high-fidelity military flight simulators.
Autonomous aircraft are going to dominate the current and next
generations of military and civil airborne missions and many
questions are to be answered yet. One of those questions
deals with the flawless and safe integration of unmanned and
autonomous aircraft into the civil airspace. Smarter autoflight control
and airborne decision making support systems are key to enable future
aviation and many airborne applications. The FAA NextGen and Eurocontrol
SESAR initiatives drive this domain and create significant opportunities and
challenges to be addressed.

Smart Autoflight Control System UI - Timer