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Miguel Jiménez, PhD Student


Research Interests

  • Software Deployment
  • Self-Adaptive Software Systems
  • Cyber-Physical Systems


  • PANORAMA: graphical environment to navigate and visualise large-scale deployment specifications.
  • Amelia: declarative and rule-based DSL for automating the deployment
    of distributed component-based software systems.
  • IoT Recipe Maven: umbrella project that aims at exploiting digital expertise in the modern kitchen

The tools we are trying to use and the language or notation we are using to express or record our thoughts, are the major factors determining what we can think or express at all!

— The Humble Programmer Edsger W. Dijkstra

$ whoami

I am a PhD student at the University of Victoria under supervision of Dr. Hausi Müller and Dr. Gabriel Tamura.


Contact Information

Engineering Computer Science Building
Rigi Lab - ECS 412
Victoria, BC. Canada
E-mail: miguel[at]